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Proverbs 22:3 says the wise see danger coming and prepare but the foolish keep going and suffer for it. The Project 22:3 exists to help those who are prudent and wise to prepare themselves, their families, and their community for the coming danger and troubles, and ultimately, prepare ourselves for eternity! Check us out at Thanks for joining us!

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Friday Nov 18, 2022

On todays show, we interview former Green Beret, "Special Forces Brice" from Intrepid Tactics firearms training.  Brice is a good friend of mine and I'm honored to introduce you to him.  We discuss his journey into the SF community, a little about what it takes to become a Green Beret.  Also highlighted are the unique classes he offers to responsible citizens. You will also get a little of his thoughts on current global events and things he feels are MOST IMPORTANT for you to focus on to be prepared for an uncertain future!   Thanks for joining us!

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

This episode is spring my thoughts about 3 important things you can do before Election Day 2022 to help contribute to the best possible outcome for yourself, your community, and your country!

Thursday Oct 27, 2022

On todays podcast, we discuss important items and skills to acquire to defend your family, community, and country in times of crisis that may come.  Get these items before corrupt politicians pass illegal rules to take away your rights gauranteed by the constitution!

Monday Oct 10, 2022

Today we help you become a modern day Road Warrior! We talk about some basics everyone should have in a Vehicle Emergency Kit.  Also I start off with a review of the recent Panhandle Preparedness Expo where I had a booth and talked with some podcast fans and others about being wise prepared citizens.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

Today's podcast part 2 or our interview with author and speaker Joe Dolio of the Tactical Wisdom blog and book series.  We talk about Joe's book series and some very relevant discussions on current events and why you need some Tactical Wisdom TODAY!   1:30 Little House on the Prairie vs Walking Dead 4:00 Trouble will find you anywhere 4:30 Suburban areas and cities in WROL 6:00 Moving out of "blue" areas 7:40 TH question on qualities for a good place to relocate 10:15 Joe's consulting service 11:40 Security tips for your property 15:00 Book 4- Scouting and Patrolling (Sitting Duck or Proactive Protector) 24:20 South Africa situation 25:05 Normalcy bias against being offensive and proactive 27:00 "better a warrior in a garden..." 27:45 ADL "doxing" law abiding citizens and smearing them for being oathkeepers 30:10 Book 3A - Contacts and Notes 31:35 Information Security 33:00 Types of organizing groups 34:00 Stop cowering in fear! ASSERT your rights 37:30 Family connections 38:24 Sting operations against dumb people 39:15 AMCON "no history of violence!" 40:15 Joe Biden calls 74 million people a "threat to democracy" 41:28 Become self reliant 43:15 Upcoming YouTube content 44:00 Support the work of Tactical Wisdom 44:30 A Rebuttal  

Saturday Sep 10, 2022

Today's podcast is first in a 2 part interview with author and speaker Joe Dolio of the Tactical Wisdom blog and book series.  We talk about Joe's background and current life and the outstanding information he is putting out to liberty loving people everywhere. 1:45 Career as a Marine 3:15 Cursing military recruiters 6:50 Joe's faith story 7:55 Every man a warrior 10:30 Tactical Wisdom book series beginning 12:10 Hero of the Faith: Bill McGlone 14:30 "Pacifist Christians" 15:45 Aden Tate "The Faithful Prepper" 18:25 Increase in wickedness in the land 20:48 Firearms and Faith 21:30 Selective Bible Interpretation 26:12 Gun Control 28:30 Joe defensive tools 30:16 Thoughts on RDO's 33:00 Left wing extremist groups 33:35 "divide and conquer" Using race to turn us against each other 35:52 Charity in a WROL situation 39:00 past peaceful times vs WROL collapse situation 44:50 Tactical Wisdom Book 1 BASELINE TRAINING MANUAL 48:30 2 way radios 52:34 Tactical Wisdom Book 2 FIELDCRAFT 53:04 Ivan Thorne Dark Thorne 57:30 Gray man concept vs Camouflage 1:04:00 Special Announcement! Coming materials from TW 1:08:00 Pet first aid

Monday Aug 01, 2022

When times get tough, you will need like-minded people to help you and your family.  On this Episode, we will discuss some beginning steps to help build tribe and community in your area. 1:45 3 scenarios 3:48 Scripture of the day 4:55  What is a Mutual Assistance Group? 6:23  Why do we need community? 10:34  How to make it happen 13:38  Meeting people to connect with (AmCon) 15:15  Local Resources 21:35 Civil Defense Manual 24:20  Leadership 26:30  Topics for training

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

“No one is coming, it’s up to you!” Why you need to be your own first responder from a 20 year Professional First Responder! We talk about the Uvalde Texas school shooting, and other current events that make it obvious that 911 will not always be there, and steps for you to be ready when all you hear is a busy signal on the other end of the phone line...

Tuesday May 17, 2022

This episode 9 of the Project 22:3 podcast, you're going to get 3 Fire Safety tips to keep from Dying in a Fire from a 20 year Firefighter Captain. Some simple steps to prevent great loss of life, health, and property!   Take notes!

Monday May 09, 2022

A summary of my experience training with NC SCOUT from Brushbeater Training and Radio Contra!  I will hit on a few highlights of their RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) class, Advanced RTO, and Signals Intelligence class. It was a great time with some great people.  Enjoy the show!


The work of Project 22:3

Here at Project 22:3, we are all about being wise, seeing the possible troubles that lie ahead, and taking the necessary precautions to ensure we don’t suffer needlessly. That’s what Proverbs 22:3 is all about, and how we got our name. Since starting the project only a short time ago, Our students have greatly improved their ability to be resilient in the face of adversity, and that gives them confidence in the midst of chaos, and courage to face uncertain times. They know that their faith in GOD is not just words, but it is deeds and action!

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